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street lighting distributor

street lighting distributor

Uesa GmbH produces boards and columns for street lighting according to the technical connection conditions of the corresponding distribution system operator. The street lighting part is completely equipped and wired. The control is done by photoelectric switch and/or clock timer. We offer you distributor housing as modular system in different constructions with exchangeable component parts.

The following options are available for you: 

  • Without measure or with sub-measurement,
  • Customer oriented controls,
  • Number of tailings as required,
  • Performance reduction,
  • boards lighting,
  • Service plug socket,
  • Cabinet heater with control system,
  • Special version.

In the dedicated catalogue in the download area, you will find an overview of the standard distributors for street lighting according to technical specifications of the corresponding distribution system operator. We will tell you about other equipment versions on request.