Medium voltage systems

Planning and fabrication of air-insulated medium voltage switch systems and medium voltage switch devices, as well as planning and secondary technical assembly of SF6 insulated switch systems of different manufacturers

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Outdoor distribution boxes

Project planning and fabrication of cable distribution boards, meter connection columns, street lighting boards, market place distributors, camping site distributors, client oriented systems, connection distributors for regenerative energies, empty housings for self-assmbly

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Component manufacturing

Manufacture of different stamped, stamped-formed and milling parts with/without surface finishing made of copper, assembly mounting, other services: MAG and TIG welding, helium leakage test, slide finishing, sandblasting

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Low voltage systems

Planning, project planning and fabrication of automation and low voltage switch systems in mounting plate construction and enclosed construction for buildings and industry

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Transformer stations

Planning, project planning and construction of transformer stations as transmission or distributor stations considering the special provisions of the distribution system operator. Areas of use: industry, block heat and power plant, wind and solar plants.

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Service for solar plants

Operational management, maintenance and repair of solar parks. Services such as technical preacceptance, line reading, thermography

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