copper processing

In the area of copper processing, we offer the following services: 

  • machining and non-machining fabrication of copper busbars, connections and contacts made of flat stock and round stock according to your drawings,
  • cutting to length and boring of individual productions and small series on CNC punching and nibbling machine up to a thickness of 16 mm, 200 mm width and 6000 mm length,
  • Cutting to length, boring and folding of large-scale production with punching and folding tools on presses with up to 160 tones pressing force,
  • Surface improving by means of a machine for smoothing edges and a slide finishing machine as well as by means of a sandblasting system,
  • Contouring operation by means of 2 machining centres, as well as a conventional turning machine (extensive tasks are carried out by means of long-lasting external co-operation partners.),

The surface conditioning is carried out by external co-operation partner, it is mostly resorted to silver, nickel or tin, in doing so the component part is partly oder completely galvanised. This is also applicable for powder coating, e.g. for isolating powders.

For further information, the data specification can be downloaded. We can submit you an individual offer. Contact us! 


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