camping site and market place distributors / power outlet strips

We fabricate distributors for you for market places, fair ground, campings or marinas according to the corresponding DIN/IEEE. You have the choice between fixed-installation technology or modular technique. In the modular technique, numerous construction versions of our power outlet strips for the 185 mm busbar system are available. 

Market place distributor/ fair ground distributor in fixed-installation technology or modular technique

Technical data: 

  • Equipment at customer’s option,
  • Options: direct measure, measuring transformer according to corresponding technical connection conditions of the distribution system operator or sub-measurement. 

Camping site distributor

Technical data: 

  • Potential feed terminals, also possible for loopthrough,
  • Main fuse, residual current protective device and circuit breaker switch, certified one phase alternating current,
  • CEE plug sockets 16 A, 3-pole,
  • Maximum 3 plug sockets per ground fault circuit interrupter or individual fusing,
  • Equipment at custmor’s option. 

Power outlet strips for 185 mm busbar system

Our power outlet strips can be plugged in market places distributors, fair ground distributors, cable distributors, as well as in special applications.

Technical data: 

  • Same height and width of all power outlet strips,
  • Easy interchangeable,
  • Equipment at customer’s option possible. 

In the catalogue on the download area, you will find a general view about the housing versions with the corresponding information. We will tell you about other equipment versions on request.


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