Our company uesa GmbH offers various solutions of house service boxes (transition boxes):

  • House service boxes  1x3xNH00 up to 100A (for indoors)
  • House service boxes  1x3xNH00 up to 100A (outdoor version)
  • House service boxes  1x3xNH1 up to 250A
  • House service boxes  1x3xNH2 up to 400A
  • House service boxes  2x3xNH00 up to 50A/63A/100A/160A
  • House service boxes  2x3xNH2 up to 400A
  • Special versions of house service boxes e.g.
    - 5-pole (PE and N divided)
    - 1x3xNH00 + 1x3xNH2
    - 3x3xNH00
    - with double feeding-in or double cable outlet
    - cable outlets on the side
    - cable outlets with strain-relief
    - PEN-rail with 1/2/3 outgoing terminals
  • Combinable with various accessoires:
    - clear cover or inspection window
    - adapter for overhead line towers
    - locking screw as square / hexagon / semicircle
    - locking cover for profile half cylinder
    - external fixing lugs
    - fixing kits
  • Different terminals and terminal clamps are possible e.g.
    - terminal clamps with steel-frame for U-terminals
      also available as double-terminal clamps (to connect two cables on one terminal)
    - terminal clamps with aluminium-frame for V-terminals
    - bock terminals (single or double)

Technical specification of the boxes:

Material:  glassfibre reinforced polyester

Material properties: weather resistant, impact and shock resistant, flame retardant, protection-proof and insulating (protection class II)

IP protection degree: IP54
color: lightgrey - RAL7035

Please find some datasheets of our standard house service boxes in the download section.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contacting us !



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Katalog Hausanschlusskästen

HAK00 mit grauem Deckel

HAK00 mit transparenten Deckel

HAK00 mit Doppelstutzen innen

HAK00 mit Doppelstutzen und Regenkragen außen

Mauerkasten mit UP-Rahmen für Zylinderschloß

HAK2 mit grauem Deckel und Einfachstutzen bis 400 A

HAK2 mit grauem Deckel und Doppelstutzen bis 355 A Dauerlast